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Masa (Matti-Juhani) Orpana was born in Kangasala, Finland in 1973. He has worked as a professional musician since 1993. His main instrument is the tenor saxophone, but he also plays other saxophones, the clarinet, the flute and the guitar.
He works with his own band Masa Orpana Honk and plays in Anssi Tikanmäki Orchestra, Rakka, Jazzmuseo and Wiley Cousins Band. Over the years Masa has played with the bands Groovy Eyes, Olmarin Unioni, One O’clock Humph, Funky Kingstone and Jazzgangsters too.

Masa is a versatile musician with a special interest in roots music, blues, jazz, rock and improvised music. With some bands he has played on many important festivals and clubs in Europe and North America. For instance Rakka has played at The London Jazz Festival in 2012 and Eunic Jazz Festival in Berlin in 2014, and made a couple of appearances in the jazz club scene of New York in 2014. With Anssi Tikanmäki Orchestra Masa has played for example at Paris Cinema and The Cannes Film Festival.

Masa has released three records under his own name: Honky Tonk Man (Alba Records 2005), Brothers (Alba 2008) and Travelin’ Home (Alba 2014). As a band member he has appeared on the album Holy Land (Lusti Music 2014) and on the albums of the following bands: Rakka (Lumpeela Julkaisut), Honky Tonk Men, Groovy Eyes (Ram-Bam), Olmarin Unioni (Alba), Jazzgangsters (Rockadillo), Anssi Tikanmäki Orchestra (Rockadillo), Suurin Onni, One O’clock Humph (Bluelight Records) and Tampere Big Band (Alba).

Masa has also played the woodwinds as a session player, appearing for example on the records of Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat, Yö, Olli Lindholm, Suvi Teräsniska, Jonne Aaron, Pate Mustajärvi, Tulenkantajat and Milana Misic. Masa has also worked as a theatre musician and saxophone and music theory teacher.

Masa has worked with many legendary artists and musicians, including Diz Watson, Tony Uter, Junior Watson, Wiley Cousins, Jo’ Buddy, Eero Raittinen, Anssi Tikanmäki, Niko Ahvonen, Marjo Leinonen, Ismo Haavisto and Marko Haavisto.

Upcoming gigs

25/10/2018 Pyynikinlinna Tampere
07/11/2018 Pyynikinlinna Tampere
29/11/2018 Kulttuuriravintola Kivi Tampere
19/12/2018 Pyynikinlinna Tampere